• New features on iSpot

    This news article will be regularly updated to inform you of new features or changes to iSpot.

  • Help with those tricky scientific names!

    You may or may not have noticed but we’ve added a new feature to the identification area on observations.

  • Dormice - The Golden Great Nut Hunt

    The People's Trust for Endangered Species, along with Natural England, is launching the third Great Nut Hunt to find out more about where dormice are across the country. Hazel nuts, where available, are a favourite food of the dormouse. And luckily for us dormice leave distinctive tooth marks when they gnaw into the green hazel nuts, before eating the kernel and discarding the shell to fall to the forest floor.

  • Moth species new to Britain discovered on iSpot

    Exciting news: an observation posted on iSpot has turned out to be a moth species never before seen in Britain! For the full story see:

  • iSpot reaches 1,000!

    Earlier this week iSpot reached 1,000 registered users and rising - thanks to all who have taken part so far!

  • OU course: Neighbourhood Nature

    Neighbourhood Nature is one of the Open University's series of short, flexible 10-point courses introducing topics in science. This course shows you how to study the plants and animals in your neighbourhood, and iSpot is used as part of the course.

  • 'iSpot News' area

    This is a new feature which has been added to the home page of iSpot. It will be used to publish updates, news and announcements relating to new features of the site and other information which may be of interest to you.

    You can subscribe to 'iSpot News' as an RSS feed by clicking on the RSS feed icon in the bottom left of the 'iSpot News' block on the home page.

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