• 10 000 observations

    10 000 observations
    on Wednesday 14 March 2012 at 00h10 with Gigi's observation of Heath (Erica) on Table Mountain.

    This is truly a Milestone! To everyone who contributed to this achievement: Thank you very much!

    Whereas 10 000 records is a major milestone for a budding iSpot, with 490 users signed on, it is worthwhile putting it in perspective.

  • 10 000 Observations in sight!

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    We are fast approaching 10 000 records. At this rate we should be reaching the major milestone in about 2-3 weeks.

    As of the end of the leap month, we are currently on 9381 observations, with February having record sightings for Amphibians & Reptiles, Invertebrates and Fungi & Lichens.

    Thank you everyone for making this possible and lets head for this goal!

  • iSpot downtime

    Unfortunately, we had a technical problem this morning (Wed 21 Feb at 06h00 GMT).

    We've restored everything from a backup taken at 9am GMT (11am ZA time) yesterday (Tue 20 Feb). The site isn't currently displaying any observations added during the intervening 21 hours, but we anticipate being able to restore the missing observations in the next few days. So please don't "replace" any missing data - rather continue putting on new data.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • 10 000 Determinations on 2nd February 2012!

    At about 15h30 on 2nd February 2012, we hit 10,000 determinations on iSpot.

    A determination is when someone posts an identification. It is these identifications that other users can evaulate and either "I agree" or post a new identification.

    Determinations are thus the hub of iSpot, providing answers (or suggestions) on one hand, and training us on how to identify species on the other. It is not only experts that can identify - anyone can, and in the process take the first step in the leap towards becoming an expert.

  • Major Milestone: 7500 observations ...

    A major milestone today Friday 13 January 2012 at 00h39 with Gigi's observation of Blou Uintjie (Moraea tripetala) on Table Mountain.

    Well done everyone. Thank you for contributing to this major achievement!

    It is time to start planning for an official launch of the site in early Autumn. If you have ideas or can assist, please do so here: Launching iSpot.

  • 10 000 Agreements on 10th January 2012!

    We missed the exact moment, but some time yesterday on the 10th January 2012, we hit 10,000 agreements on iSpot.
    An agreement is when someone clicks "I agree" and thus transfers "expertise" on those who have made a correct identification. It also contributes to the "Likely ID" of a species in the case where users disagree with a possible identification.

    Thank you everyone who has helped with identifications of observations and training of novices (some of whom are definitely no longer novices!).

    Statistics on the site were posted yesterday.

  • 2011 Summary

    iSpot STATISTICS (05 January 2012)

    Statistics are generated by SQLs interrogating the various tables in iSpot. Some of the links are quite involved and we may have got a few statistics “muddled.” We will endeavour to perfect them as our understanding of the database proceeds. Please treat these statistics with a little respect and a dose of suspicion.

    Total number of Observations: 7152
    Total number of registered Users: 390


  • iSpot unwraps maps for the Festive Season

    • c933c1bbc618daf2a474f801d6fa3d45.jpg

    You can now explore all the observations on iSpot from a map. Click here to try, or see the Map link under the "Observations" menu at the top of the page. There are lots of different ways of filtering which observations are shown on the map (for example by date, by species, by observer), and you can even create your own filters and save these for future use.

  • 10 000 images!

    A major milestone today: 10 000 images posted on 20 November at 20h45 with Ruedi Siegenthaler's observation of Nile Crocodile near Berg en Dal, Kruger National Park.

    Some 9 999 other images made this possible: WELL DONE ALL!

  • Temporary problem with displaying images

    We are having some technical problems following an update last week. At the moment observations uploaded before the update show only some of the images associated with them. Please do not worry about this. Of the 3600 images less than 500 remain to be relinked.

    You can add new observations without a problem. These are not affected

    Please have a look at some of your past records.

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