• Launching iSpot 12 June 2012

    iSpot will be launched on Tuesday 12 June 2012. The official launch will be held at the annual dinner of the Biodiversity Information Management Forum.

    The programme for the dinner need not concern us here (drinks, entre, introduction, iSpot talk, launch, dinner, desert, questions). The issue here is: how can we, as iSpotters not at the BIMF dinner, participate in the launch?

    A special tag has been installed for the launch. You can participate by posting a commemorative (celebratory) observation.

  • iSpot launch Bioblitz

    • iSpot invite 1.jpg

    A bioblitz following the launch of iSpot will be conducted on Thursday 14 June at Kenilworth.

    Everyone is welcome.

    (click on attachment for full size invitation)

  • Major Milestones: 15 000 - 20 000 - 30 000

    15 000 observations
    on Tuesday 29 May 2012 at 07h17 with outramps' observation of Cliffortia ilicifolia dt on Camferskloof in the Outeniquas.

    This is truly a Milestone! To everyone who contributed to this achievement: Thank you very much!

    But it does not end there. We also reached on the 29th:

    20 000 Agreements in our learning / teaching experience.
    30 000 Pictures in our Virtual Museum.

    For more stats see: http://ispot.org.za/stats%20update

  • 1000 Bird Observations

    1 000 observations on birds
    was reached on Monday 28 May 2012 at 21h27 with Boontjiepit's observation of Macaroni Penguin at Southermost Tip of Africa.

    This follows hot on our heels of having exceeded the number of bird species in the subregion
    with observation 956
    on Friday 25 May 2012 at 17h09 with magrietb's observation of Water Thick-Knee at Kleinmond lagune.

  • Welcome to our 700th User!

    A major milestone today Thursday 24 May 2012 at 23h00 with David Notton our 700th User.

    Welcome David !

    To all users who have not yet submitted an observation, now is your chance - lets get them in before the launch!

    To our regular users: things are really heating up with lots more users joining daily. That's more novices and experts: more observations but more to share the identifying, agreeing and enjoying the exciting data coming in. Thanks for making the site as dynamic and interesting as it is - lets welcome the new users get them going!

  • 10 000 Plant Observations

    10 000 plant observations
    on Thursday 24 May 2012 at 15h39 with Caroline Voget's observation of Lobelia on the rocks on the Otter Trail Elandsbos River Mouth.

    Well done all! It was two months ago that we had 10 000 observations and now we have that for plants alone.

    Expecting lots of records to fall shortly!

  • Poised on the cusp

    We are poised on the cusp of a slew of milestones.

    * 3 fungi observations short of record for fungi for a month;
    * 8 bird observations short of target birds = number of species;
    * 200 observations to go for 10 000 plant observations;
    * 1000 plant observations exceeded for month: currently third highest total, with projection of 1500 for May;
    * 500 observations short of 2000 observations for the month
    (& already our second highest monthly total to date);
    * 640 observations to go for 15 000 observations;
    * 1060 agreements to go for 20 000 agreements;

  • 15 000 Determinations

    Today - 24 April 2012 - someone posted our 15 000th determination on iSpot!

    Determinations are the heart of iSpot and what makes it so unique.
    * It frees the experts to allow other people to make identifications, while at the same time allowing them to check on progress and mentor keen enthusiasts. It also allows astute novices to challenge experts and thus learn fast-track the tricks of the trade.
    * It encourages communities of users sharing a common interest to explore and learn and teach and empower themselves to better understand their subjects.

  • Toyota Enviro Outreach

    The Toyota Enviro Outreach is underway, collecting plants, animals and fungi, and especially aliens, for the DNA barcoding project.
    To see some species found so far go to TEO2012 Observations or see more at Toyota Enviro Outreach 2012 banner page

  • Milestone: Welcome to our 500th User!

    A major milestone today Wednesday 21 March 2012 at 23h00 with Elani our 500th User.

    Welcome Elani!

    To all users who have not yet submitted an observation, now is your chance - lets get them in before the launch! More on the launch soon.
    To our regular users: many thanks for making the site as dynamic and interesting as it is! Lets hope many more users will join! Are your friends all joined yet?

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