• 700 records at 13h16 on 16 June 2011

    Today we reached 700 records, with Gigi's sighting of the Suurkanol after fire at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

    Very many thanks - well done! This is Gigi's fourth 100-observation and a hat trick!

    We also have 110 registered users!

    Our 100th user was Esther from Cape Town who is fanatical about Arachnids.

  • 99 users and 600 records at 10h07 on 08 June 2011

    Now 600 records, with Gigi's sighting of the Bruinsalie (Salvia africana-lutea) at 10h07.

    Well done: this is fantastic.

    We also have 99 registered users!
    Who is going to be number 100???

    Happy iSpotting!

  • 500 records at 21h24 on 28 May 2011

    Today (Saturday), just before half-time in the Barcelona - Manchester United match we reached a major milestone:

    500 records, with Gigi's sighting of the Common Slug Eater at 21h24.

    We also have 90 registered users who have contributed 1006 images and 578 determinations. Our first user has also just reached 1000 social points.

    This is fantastic. Well done everyone and keep up the good work!

  • Leaproaches - living fossils found on Table Mountain

    A Leaproach, named Saltoblattella montistabularis or "jumping small cockroach from Table Mountain" has been described from Silvermine by Mike Picker and team. The last record of jumping cockroaches was in the Late Jurassic when Dinosaurs ruled.

    For more, including pictures, see:

  • 400 records at 17h42 on Sunday 22 May 2011

    On Sunday we reached
    400 records with lynmac's sighting of More photos of the Peregrene falcon at 17h42.

    Well done all! Happy iSpotting ...

  • 300 records at 07h30 on Friday 13 May 2011

    Today (Friday), we reached
    300 records with Gigi's sighting of Aromatic Boegoe at 07h38.
    Can anyone identify it?

    We have also reached over 50 registered users (55) who have contributed 636 images and 341 determinations.

    Well done! Keep up the good work.

    Happy iSpotting ...

  • Biodiversity Expo 2011

    • biodiversityexpo2011_logo

    Now in it’s 4th year, the Biodiversity Expo is a conservation community event where each of the organizations participating have realized that we can achieve a greater critical mass to ensure that future generations can enjoy the biodiversity wealth we enjoy today… by working together!
    You are invited to join us in celebrating life through this event!

    The Conservation Adventure is a new component to the Biodiversity Expo.

  • 200 records at 20h00 on 19 April 2011

    Today (Monday), just four days after our first milestone, we reached our second milestone:

    200 records, with Glenda's sighting of Horse Fly (Philoliche zonata) at 20h02.

    We also have 38 registered users who have contributed 425 images and 213 determinations.

    This is fantastic. Well done everyone and keep up the good work!

    Happy iSpotting!

  • 100 records at 15h00 on 14 April 2011

    Today (Thursday) we reached our first milestone:

    100 records, with Margaret's sighting of River Indigo Indigofera cytisoides at 14h43.

    We also have 28 registered users who have contributed 244 images and 107 determinations.

    Well done everyone and keep up the good work!

  • Test version of iSpot for SA released

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