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SeaKeys is the first large collaborative project funded by the Foundational Biodiversity Information Program. Over the next three years, more than 30 SeaKeys team members from many organisations will work together to unlock marine biodiversity knowledge and opportunities.

The SeaKeys project will deliver national species lists, new species records, Encyclopaedia of Life pages, DNA barcodes, new species descriptions and identification guides. And the project team will ensure that all this information flows up the biodiversity knowledge chain to make a difference!

The success of this project is dependent on contributions from researchers, post-graduate students, citizen scientists, marine managers and decision makers. Core to this is are four new atlas projects on three web-based platforms.

To contribute, please add the tag "SeaKeys" - separate tags with commas.

The four new atlas projects are:

Sea Fish Atlas – mapping the distribution of our marine fish species: check out the fish submissions starting to come into iSpot. Please use the tag "Sea Fish Atlas"

Sea Slug Atlas – please start photographing nudibranchs, bubble shells and seahares and add to iSpot. Please use the tag "Sea Slug Atlas"

Sea Coral Atlas - this will target hard, soft and black corals, seafans, soft corals and even anemones on iSpot. Please use the tag "Sea Coral Atlas"

• Marine Invasive Atlas - The project also includes a group of best fastest payout online casino scientists working on marine alien and invasive species and we will also request the public to photograph and report potential introduced species. (Further information with target species such as the European green crab currently only confirmed from Table Bay and Hout Bay will come later). Please use the tag "Sea Alien Atlas"

The three platforms are:

  • iSpot - will be used to collect marine species observations.
  • We are asking scuba divers, fishers, snorkelers, beach-goers and any interested public to assist us. Photographs of marine species (including those found in estuaries) can be uploaded along with locality (using Google earth maps or GPS co-ordinates) information to create detailed distributions of South Africa marine species . These will be used in habitat classifications and in the assessment of species threat status and protection levels. iSpot is also a great place to learn how to identify species and we need as many experts, students and knowledgeable public to help build and mentor marine species identification skills.

  • Echinomap - Atlas of African Echinoderma:
  • Please add your photographs of starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, brittle stars and feather stars to this site.

  • SA Jelly Watch
  • Jellyfish are becoming more common and they threaten many coastal activities. By taking a few minutes to observe them in your area you can help us to understand if they pose a threat to our way of life. Record mass outbreaks and records of jellyfish on this site.

Latest observations to SeaKeys

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Related projects:

FisHistory and FishForLife - see


Dont forget to check out the stats:

Dive site locations of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay

There are over 150 named dive sites around Cape Town. This list includes most of them.The coordinates given are usually good for SeaKeys observations, but you can use more specific locations if you wish. Using the standard site names makes it easier for others to check that your observations are likely to be correctly located, particularly for the offshore sites and where the aerial view is unfamiliar.

Sites marked with an asterisk (*) are not confirmed accurate.
Please notify me of errors and omissions.

Site name (locality, accessibility) Latitude Longitude

13th Apostle (Llandudno, offshore) -33.9914 18.3320

A-Frame (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.2078 18.4624
Albatross Rock (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, west side) -34.2755 18.3703
Alpha Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2165 18.4697
Ammo Reef (Simon's Town, offshore)-34.1927 18.4625
Ammunition Barges wrecks (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.1901 18.4498

Anchor Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1929 18.4600
Anchor - see Ankers
Andre se Gat (Rooi-els, shoreline)-34.3042 18.8127
Ankers (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.3084 18.8124
Antipolis wreck (Oudekraal, shoreline) -33.9840 18.3561

Ark Rock (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1922 18.4539
Ark Rock Barge wreck (Simon's Town, offshore)
Aster wreck (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0649 18.3495
Athens wreck (Mouille Point, shoreline) -33.8975 18.4095
Atlantis Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2500 18.4833

Bakoven Rock (Camps Bay, inshore) -33.9593 18.3700
Balcony (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.3074 18.8147
Bantry Bay (Sea Point, shoreline) -33.9260 18.3775
Barry's Pinnacles (Clifton, offshore) -33.9307 18.3608
Bato wreck (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.1833 18.4260
Batsata Rock (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2767 18.4803

Bia wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, inshore, west side)-34.2703 18.3773
Bikini Beach (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1654 18.8582
Bloemfontein wreck (False Bay, offshore) -34.2443 18.6659
Blousteen (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.2743 18.8352
Blousteen Ridge (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.2750 18.8321

Blue Rock Quarry (Gordon's Bay, inland) -34.1256 18.9011
Boat Rock (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2342 18.4842
Bordjiesrif (Cape Point Nature Reserve, shoreline, east side) -34.3165 18.4638
Bos 400 and Oakburn wrecks (Hout Bay, inshore) -34.0369 18.3086
Brunswick wreck (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.1813 18.4268
Buffels Bay (Cape Point Nature Reserve, shoreline, east side)-34.3203 18.4622

Cape Matapan wreck (Table Bay, offshore) -33.8872 18.4089
Caravan Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2238 18.4758
Castle Rocks (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.2395 18.4782
Castor Rock (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1790 18.4602
Castor Rock North Pinnacle (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1767 18.4593

Clan Monroe wreck (Noordhoek, offshore) -34.1470 18.3158
Clan Stuart wreck (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.1717 18.4307
Cleeve's Tunnel (Clifton, offshore) -33.9423 18.3649
Clifton Rocks (Clifton, inshore) -33.9395 18.3704
Container Bay (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.3128 18.8170

Coral Gardens, Oudekraal (Oudekraal, shoreline) -33.9878 18.3471
Coral Gardens, Oudekraal, Offshore Pinnacle (Oudekraal, offshore) -33.9854 18.3419
Coral Gardens, Rooi-els (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.3020 18.8123
Cow and Calf (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1718 18.8377
Crosses - see Kruis

D-Frame (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2065 18.4661
Daeyang Family wreck (Table Bay, offshore) -33.8398 18.3856
Dale Brook (St James, shoreline) -34.1247 18.4533
Die Perd (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0377 18.3053
Die Josie (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0750 18.3543
Dome Rock Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1853 18.4629
Di's Cracks (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0646 18.3069
Dreadlocks Reef (Oudekraal, offshore) -33.9728 18.3618
Duiker Island (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0576 18.3260
Duiker Point Canyon (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0433 18.3015

East shoal (False Bay, offshore)-34.1483 18.6464

False Bay Yacht Club (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.1912 18.4339
Fame wreck* (Sea Point, inshore) -33.908 18.388
Fan Reef (Simon's Town, offshore)-34.2361 18.4877
Festival Pinnacle (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2356 18.4834
Finlay's Deep (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2501 18.4866

Finlay's Point (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.2488 18.4776
Fisherman's Beach (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.2063 18.4596
Fleur wreck (False Bay, offshore) -34.1805 18.5649
Friskies Pinnacle (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1796 18.4637
Froggy Pond (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.2037 18.4575

Garden of Eden* (Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, shoreline) -34.350 18.492
Gelderland wreck (Duiker Point, offshore) -34.0345 18.3030
Geldkis (Oudekraal, inshore) -33.9788 18.3600
Geldkis Blinder (Oudekraal, offshore) -33.9779 18.3602
Gemsbok wreck (Sea Point, offshore)

General Botha wreck (False Bay, offshore) -34.2280 18.6382
George M Livanos Wreck* (Green Point) -33.899 18.398
Glencairn Barge wreck (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1566 18.4413
Glencairn Quarry (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.1565 18.4402
Good Hope Reef (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2675 18.4815
Good Hope wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2680 18.4808
Groot Pannekoek (Oudekraal, offshore) -33.9855 18.3458

Hakka Reef (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0291 18.3055
Harvest Capella wreck -34.0263 18.3117
SS Hermes Wreck* (Milnerton) -33.870 18.488
Highfields wreck (Table Bay, offshore) -33.8855 18.4305
Huis te Kraaiestein wreck (Oudekraal, inshore) -33.9808 18.3608
Hypatia wreck (Table Bay, offshore) -33.8350 18.3817

Insanity Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2136 18.4674

Justin's Caves (Oudekraal, inshore) -33.9809 18.3580

Kalk Bay Harbour Wall (Kalk Bay, inshore)-34.1292 18.4505
Kanobi's Wall (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0394 18.3023
Katsu Maru wreck (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0652 18.3490
Ker Yar Vor wreck (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0340 18.3106
Klein Pannekoek (Oudekraal, offshore) -33.9818 18.3515

Klein Tafelberg (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0741 18.3196
Koei en Kalf - see Cow and Calf
Kruis (Rooi-els shoreline) -34.2898 18.8213

Lace Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1993 18.4687
Ledges (Gordon's Bay, shoreline)-34.1699 18.8454
Livingstone Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1768 18.4595
Logies Bay (Llandudno, shoreline) -34.0042 18.3422
Long Beach (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.1870 18.4270

Lorry Bay (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1826 18.8219
Lusitania wreck (Cape Point, offshore) -34.3900 18.4942

Maidstone Rock (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1927 18.4579
Maori wreck (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0344 18.3133
Middelmas (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0292 18.3055
Middle Oudekraal (Oudekraal, inshore) -33.9793 18.3585
Mike's Reef (Rooi-els, inshore) -34.3123 18.8126
Miller's Point (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.2308 18.4781
Mushroom Pinnacle (Oudekraal, inshore) -33.9797 18.3587

Nimrod Rock (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.1912 18.4494
North Paw (Clifton, offshore) -33.9309 18.3639

Omega Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2143 18.4741
Orotava wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2668 18.4797
Outer Castle (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2387 18.4832
Outer Photographer's Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1963 18.4650

Partridge Point (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2577 18.4798
Partridge Point Seal Rock (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2560 18.4824
Percy's Hole (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.2881 18.8224
Percy's Hole Cave (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.2866 18.8249
Peter's Pinnacle (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2585 18.4782

Phil's Bay (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1867 18.8189
Phoenix Shoal (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.1898 18.4483
Photographer's Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1973 18.4572
Pie Rock (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2398 18.4844
Pietermaritzburg wreck (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2217 18.4744

Pinnacle (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1745 18.8330
Princess Elizabeth wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2677 18.4805
Pyramid Rock (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2731 18.4783

Quarry - seeGlencairn quarry

Rambler Rock (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1821 18.4650
Rambler Rock South Pinnacles (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1836 18.4651
Rockeater wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2688 18.4812
Rocklands Blinder (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2150 18.4667
Rocky Bank (False Bay, offshore)-34.4117 18.5917

Rocky Bay (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1921 18.8160
Roman Rock (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1812 18.4600
Romans Rest (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1805 18.4634
Romelia wreck (Llandudno, inshore) -34.0117 18.3310
Rooi-els Point (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.2952 18.8127

Sandy Cove (Oudekraal, shoreline) -33.9813 18.3607
Schuilenberg wreck* (Cape Peninsula Western Seaboard) -33.937 18.377
Seafarer wreck (Mouille Point, inshore) -33.8967 18.3967
Sea Point Ridge (Sea Point, offshore) -33.9151 18.3570
Seal Island* (North False Bay, offshore) -34.138 18.580

Shark Alley (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2368 18.4767
Sherwood Forest (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.2531 18.4837
Smits Cliff (Cape Point Nature Reserve, shoreline, east side)-34.2747 18.4735
Smits Reef (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2748 18.4822
South Paw (Clifton, offshore) -33.9385 18.3648

Spaniard Rock (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2172 18.4672
Star Wall (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0411 18.3015
Steenbras Deep (False Bay, offshore) -34.2107 18.7593
Steps (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0222 18.3100
Stern Reef (Simon's Town, inshore) -34.2194 18.4672

Stone Dog (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1726 18.8364
Stonehenge Reef (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0347 18.1433
Stonehenge Blinder (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0473 18.3053
Stonehenge Coral Pinnacle (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0432 18.3035
Strawberry Rocks (Oudekraal, inshore) -33.9787 18.3610

Sunfish Pinnacle (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0413 18.3048
Sunny Cove (Fish Hoek, shoreline) -34.1439 18.4379
SURG Pinnacle (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0396 18.3003

Target Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1770 18.4538
Thermopylae Wreck* (Green Point, inshore) -33.899 18.399
Thomas T Tucker wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, inshore, west side)
Three-Anchor Bay (Sea Point, shoreline) -33.9059 18.3970
Tivoli Pinnacles (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1815 18.4628

Torch Reef (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1950 18.4660
Trafalgar wreck* (Sea Point) -33.908 18.393
Transvaal wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, east side) -34.2663 18.4795
Treasure wreck (Bloubergstrand, offshore) -33.6717 18.3317
Twin Towers pinnacles (Duiker Point, offshore) -34.03197 18.30550
Two Oceans Aquarium (Cape Town waterfront, inland) -33.9079 18.4179

Umhlali wreck (Cape Point Nature Reserve, offshore, west side) -34.2739 18.3748

Vis wreck* (Green Point) -33.903 18.398
Vogelsteen (Gordon's Bay, shoreline) -34.1715 18.8396
Vulcan Rock (Hout Bay, offshore) -34.0661 18.3097

Whale Rock (Table Bay, offshore) -33.8352 18.3810
Whirlpool Cove (Rooi-els, shoreline) -34.2828 18.8258
Whittle Rock (False Bay, offshore)-34.2469 18.5626
Windmill Beach (Simon's Town, shoreline) -34.2008 18.4577
MV Winton wreck* (Milnerton) -33.867 18.487
Wonders Pinnacle (Simon's Town, offshore) -34.1802 18.4608

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Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)

Missing coordinates

Thomas T Tucker
Peter Southwood

Dont have coordinates!

Supposed to be on Googlemaps

I put all of these onto Googlemaps, which is supposed to make them searcheable.
Will try and figure out why they dont come up if one puts them in the Find Box of "add an observation"


Note that if you enter the details the first time, iSpot will add the coordinates in future if you select the same locality.

I have been doing this

I have almost all these sites on autofill, but it seems that each user must create their own autofill locations. You only have to enter the site details the first time, but locations do not appear to be shared between users, which is probably a good thing as if they were there would be so many it would be useless

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)


I know you know this: it was for beginners that I stated it. And more here for those interested:

But in the Map, if you enter the reef (or wreck) name it should give you the coordinates as well (barring another reef elsewhere in the world with the same name).

Clearly it is not working, so I need to explore further.

Popular South African Dive Sites (other than Cape Town region)

These are some of the named wreck and reef dive sites for which positions are available (there are others but for various reasons those who use them wish them to remain private).

The coordinates given are usually good enough for SeaKeys observations, but you can use more specific locations if you wish. Using the standard site names makes it easier for others to check that your observations are likely to be correctly located, particularly for the offshore sites and where the aerial view is unfamiliar.

Most of these site positions are unconfirmed. You can help by confirming and correcting positions, and by providing additional site names and positions.

(Note that many shipwrecks begin with: HMS MFV MV RMS SA SS - these prefixes are ignored in the alphabetical listing)

Please notify us of errors and omissions.

Site name (Region) Latitude Longitude
Adlams Reef (Sodwana Bay) -27.627 32.657
SS Adelfotis wreck (Arniston) -34.788 19.475
Algae Reef (Sodwana Bay) -27.583 32.667
Aliwal shoal (Umkomaas) -30.245 30.827
Arniston wreck (Arniston)) -34.690 20.243
MFV Athina wreck (Plettenberg Bay) -34.093 23.382

Baboon Point (Elands Bay) -32.316 18.320
Big Bream Reef (Ballito) -29.528 31.228
Bird Island (Port Elizabeth) -33.840 26.287
HMS Birkenhead wreck (Gansbaai) -34.643 20.172
Bokbaai (Silwerstroomstrand) -33.570 18.313
Bruces Bank (Knysna) -34.095 23.096

SS Cadwallon wreck (East London) -33.018 27.925
Cape Recife Wreck (St Francis Bay) -34.212 24.835
Cape Vidal (St Lucia Estuary) -28.125 32.558
Caves (Durban) -29.890 31.053
Chains (Durban) -29.840 31.103
Cooperlight Wreck (Durban) -29.957 31.018
Cathedral, Aliwal Shoal* (Umkomaas) -30.2644 30.8276
Cowrie Reef (Park Rynie) -30.305 30.781

Dagleish Bank (Knysna) -34.193 22.957
Deep Blinders (Mossel Bay) -34.190 22.167
Deep Blinders (Plettenberg Bay) -34.059 23.552
Deep Blood (Durban) -29.910 31.052
Deep Salmon (Shelly Beach) -30.820 30.424
Devils Reef (Port Elizabeth) -33.983 25.670
Doddington Wreck (Port Elizabeth) -33.834 26.290
Dolosse (Mossel Bay) -34.178 22.141

East Cape Reef (Knysna) -34.089 23.096
Eelskin Ridge, Aliwal shoal* (Umkomaas) -30.2634 30.8236
Esso Wheeling wreck (Arniston) -34.780 19.628

Fairholme wreck (Knysna) -34.083 23.043
Faultline (Durban) -29.910 31.052
Fern Coral reef, Aliwal shoal MPA (Scottburgh) -30.308 30.768
SS Fidela wreck (Port Elizabeth) -34.010 25.700
Five Mile Bank (Struisbaai) -34.837 20.127
Five Mile Reef (Sodwana Bay) -27.470 32.702
Fountain Rocks (Port Alfred) -33.603 26.922

Gamtoos River mouth (Jeffreys Bay) -33.982 25.059
Gonubie Point (East London) -32.944 28.036
Groot Bank (Plettenberg Bay) -34.007 23.490
Grotto Bay (Yzerfontein) -33.565 18.310
Gun Rock (East London) -33.021 27.921

Harrisons Gulley (Wild Coast) -31.950 29.225
Haven Wreck (Wild Coast) -32.250 28.933
Hawston (Cape Hangklip) -34.400 19.107
Hluleka (Wild Coast) -31.817 29.323
Howard's Castle, Scottburgh (Aliwal shoal MPA) -30.282 30.808
Hully Point (Northern Maputaland) -27.333 32.737

Inchcape Rock Wreck (Port Elizabeth) -33.933 25.618
Island Rock (Northern Maputaland) -27.283 32.777
SS Ismore wreck (Paternoster) -32.822 17.845
SS Itzehoe wreck (Thunderbolt Reef) -34.022 25.703

Jacobs Poort (Plettenberg Bay) -34.062 23.383

Kabeljoubank (Yzerfontein) -33.565 18.310
MV Kapodistrias wreck (Port Elizabeth) -34.040 25.702
SS King Cadwallon wreck (East London) -33.018 27.925
Kingfisher Bay (Sodwana Bay) -27.707 32.630

Klein Brak (Mossel Bay) -34.095 22.150
Kosi Bay (Northern Maputaland) -26.900 32.885
Kreefbaai (Lamberts Bay) -32.211 18.325

Lady Kennaway wreck (East London) -33.030 27.914
Landers Reef (Park Rynie) -30.333 30.677
Lemonfish Reef (Ballito) -29.537 31.222
Lighthouse Reef EC (St Francis Bay) -34.213 24.838
Limestone Reef (Durban) -29.866 31.053
Little Brack - see Klein Brak

Mabibi Reef (Mabibi) -27.333 32.753
Malgas Island (West Coast National Park) -33.053 17.927
Marcus Island (West Coast National Park) -33.045 17.253
Merestein wreck (Saldanha Bay) -33.087 17.952
Meridian wreck (Cape Hangklip) -34.375 18.882
Mitchs Reef (Mossel Bay) -34.170 22.132
Muisbosskerm (Lamberts Bay) -32.128 18.307

Nahoon Reef (East London) -33.000 27.955
Nebo wreck (Umkomaas) -30.253 30.817
Nev's Ledge (Durban) -29.845 31.101
Nine Mile Reef (Sodwana Bay) -27.417 32.725
Northern Pinnacles, Aliwal Shoal* (Umkomaas) -30.2616 30.8280
North Sands, Aliwal Shoal* (Umkomaas) -30.2270 30.8274
Number One Reef (Durban) -29.837 31.123

SA Oranjeland wreck (East London) -33.021 27.925
MV Oriental Pioneer wreck (Struisbaai) -34.808 20.088
HMS Osprey wreck (St Francis Bay) -34.201 24.803
Ou Skoen Reef (Mossel Bay) -34.167 22.123
SS Ourimbah wreck (Chelsea Point) -34.048 25.627
Outer Anchorage (Durban) -29.837 31.123
Ovington Court Wreck (Durban) -29.858 31.045

Paquita wreck (Knysna) -34.077 23.060
MV Pati wreck (Port Elizabeth) -34.040 25.702
Phantom Wreck (Knysna) -34.070 23.058
Pinnacle (Knysna) -34.088 23.056
Pinnacles (Port Elizabeth) -34.040 25.702
Pinnacles (Durban) -29.897 31.073
Presleys Bay (The Wild Coast) -31.883 29.272
Produce wreck (Umkomaas) -30.250 30.822

Quarter Mile Reef (Sodwana Bay) -27.540 32.683
Queen of the West wreck (St Francis Bay) -34.170 24.537
SS Queenmoor wreck (Chelsea Point) -34.048 25.627

Redbait Reef (Plettenberg Bay) -34.060 23.382
Reijgersdaal wreck (Silwerstroomstrand) -33.597 18.353
Riy Bank Reefs (Port Elizabeth) -34.000 25.860
Roman Rock (Port Elizabeth) -33.978 25.668

Sabina wreck (Thunderbolt Reef) -34.032 25.703
SS Saint Lawrence wreck (Paternoster) -32.742 17.887
Santissimo Sacramento wreck (Port Elizabeth) -34.036 25.520
Santos Reef (Mossel Bay) -34.172 22.133
Schaapen Island (West Coast National Park) -33.093 18.025

Storms River Mouth Scuba Trail (Tsitsikamma) -34.023 23.900
Second Bush (St Francis Bay) -34.190 24.860
Seven Mile Reef (Sodwana Bay) -27.442 32.717
Shallow Blinders (Mossel Bay) -34.190 22.167
Shallow Blinders (Plettenberg Bay) -34.059 23.383

Sheffield Reefs (Ballito) -29.467 31.275
St Croix Island Scuba Trails (Port Elizabeth) -33.797 25.770
Stingray Reef (Mossel Bay) -34.167 22.123
SS Strathblane wreck (Chelsea Point) -34.048 25.629
HMS Sybille wreck (Lamberts Bay) -32.168 18.310

Three Sisters (East London) -32.972 27.986
Thunderbolt Reef (Chelsea Point) -34.040 25.702
Tiffanys Reef (Ballito) -29.502 31.242
Two Mile Reef (Sodwana Bay) -27.528 32.680

SS Valdivia Wreck (East London) -33.018 27.924
Van Stadens River Mouth (Jeffreys Bay) -33.987 25.220
Vetch's Pier (Durban) -29.868 31.033

Water Tower Reef (St Francis Bay) -34.022 25.898
SS Western Knight Wreck (Port Elizabeth) -34.053 25.583
Whale Rock (Plettenberg Bay) -34.110 23.422
Windvogel Reef (Mossel Bay) -34.190 22.167

HMS Zeepard Wreck (Port Elizabeth) -34.037 25.497

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Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)

Errors and omissions

Lots of regions that are inaccurate. How best to report them without unduly cluttering this page?

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)


copy it, edit it, and paste me by email.

Please remove duplicates from the Peninsula from this list. If there are any Peninsula site not on the Peninsula list, please put them here.

Let us have this list as a supplement to the above.

Please add any missing sites.


This is easier:
I will make you author giving you editing rights. I can also edit them then!


I will do what I can. Where did you get the site names and co-ordinates?

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)


From the SeaKeys secretariat. As a service to prospective atlassers.

The list includes a further ~ 200 sites, which are tagged confidential: these are the ones publicly published or well known. The list was sourced from literature, conservation agencies, divers and commercial operators.
The list included duplicates, some of which were inconsistent by up to a few kilometres: these I looked up and chose one.

I know nothing about their accuracy. I merely standardized them to 0.1km accuracy on the grounds that anyone who wanted to be more accurate could do so, and about 100m radius would be precise enough for most activities, without giving a false level of accuracy. (I note that the Peninsula ones are accurate to about 10m (4 decimal places))


The Cape Peninsula sites are personally checked, and the accuracy is useful in many cases as it relates to the usual dropoff point or the centre of the area, but 100m accuracy is good enough if that is what is available. Some of the literature is not very accurate at all, as you seem to have discovered. With luck this will improve over time. I have just a few more to add from my collection. My data is generally 5 decimal places, rounded to 4. It is easy for the end user to round down if they see fit, and most dives are within 100m but more than 10m from the drop-off or nominal position, so 10m or better precision of nominal position implies about 200m precision of data, while 100m precision of nominal position implies about 300m precision of data. So 5 decimal places will not improve accuracy, and 2 would be too course.

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)

Spot on!

Spot on!


Peter Timm’s Memorial Biodive

Peter Timm’s life and achievements will be celebrated at Triton Dive Lodge this Saturday 05 July 2014.

A memorial dive will be held in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park at Sodwana Bay (and beyond!) from 9 – 10am as part of a “Memorial Biodive” during which participants will take photos of marine life in honour of Peter’s contribution to conservation and marine research.

A biodive is similar to a bioblitz where the aim is to document biodiversity by recording as many species at a location as possible. These and other marine life records (photographs) will be loaded onto iSpot as part of Peter’s legacy. His deeds serve as an inspiration to divers, scientists, conservationists and explorers alike.

Peter Timm Memorial Biodive

Progress Reports

We have a progress report due next month and I need to put some statistics from iSpot into it, is there any chance you could show me how to do this as we will need to do this periodically?

1) Number of sea fish atlas / seakeys / sea slug atlas / etc. uploads

SeaKeys Fish Atlas Coordinator
[email protected]
@SeaKeysSA (twitter)


We can automate this when iSpot ZA joins iSpot global.

In the meantime, please proceed as follows:

goto -
click : clear all filters
click : Filter by tag
Enter in Descriptive tags: SeaKeys (type seak and select from options)
Click : Save this filter
Enter in Your name for this filter: SeaKeys
Click: Apply Filter

Repeat for other tags you want:

click : clear all filters
click : Filter by tag
Enter in Descriptive tags: Sea Fish Atlas (type Sea f and select from options)
Click : Save this filter
Enter in Your name for this filter: Sea Fish
Click : Apply Filter

Next time, just:

Click : Your saved filters
Tick SeaKeys or Sea Fish or Sea Slug or Sea Coral, etc.

And it will load up for you.

At the top under “Observation Filters” it says
Showing x of y observations.
X is the amount visible in the map that you are looking at (it maxes at 1000)
Y is the total amount of observations: what you are interested in.

Zoom in and out and Pan around to see where the data are.

If there are more than 1000 observations

As there will be, either already or soon, you will have to pan and zoom around on the map and try not to let the areas overlap when there are observations in the overlap region. At the moment not difficult, but could become tricky later.

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)

temporary (I hope).

By then we should have the upgrade which can cope with any amount of observations, and also allow a specific area to be mapped by polygon.


Thanks so much for all of this Tony :)

SeaKeys Fish Atlas Coordinator
[email protected]
@SeaKeysSA (twitter)


Try looking outside and then subtracting. e.g. if there are records from Somalia and the Great Barrier Reef, then pan there and subtract them from the total.

cool :)

will play and sure I can make it work

SeaKeys Fish Atlas Coordinator
[email protected]
@SeaKeysSA (twitter)

Except five inlands

Two in Zimbabwe, one in Gauteng and two in Egypt.


thanks for marking these localities as inaccurate: hopefully the users will respond and fix.
Could just fix - in some cases, but best to allow the learning process to proceed.

The one from Gauteng

do need the janitor's services.

SeaKeys contributors

Is there any way of looking up the contributors to SeaKeys, or for that matter, any other project?
Also, is there a way to find out who all are rated as experts or knowledgeable in a particular group?
By extension, can one look up who has 5 or 4 icons for a group?

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)

whoa - baby steps

I am having trouble getting the iSpot team to understand the importance and significance of SPECIES LISTS.
And now you want observer lists!!
What next? Numbers of observations per species or observer? Heaven forbid ...

Sorry, I should not take my frustrations out on you. I can tell you every month. Ask me.
In the meantime, we can bug the developers, but take note: the June upgrade and incorporation of iSpotZA into iSpot global was delayed until 1 July, until after iSpot global was upgraded. And you might notice, 30 June is gone and iSpot global is still not upgraded, and our dictionary update is still outstanding.
Sorry, wrong place and wrong time for a rant.

I have all this information at my fingertips. Please ask me when you want or need it. Tell me if it is something you regularly want, and I will set up SQLs to do the task. But note, the data dumps come monthly in the first week of every month (but because of the summer recess, it's posting to me is sometimes delayed by a week).

Meantime, look at - the last summary was there, but precedes SeaKEys.

Interesting rather than important

I ask because I don't know if the information is available and I can't think of a suitable search string. It would be interesting to know and it might be useful to follow the trends if it was done regularly - who knows? I just like to look at the stats if they are available.

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)

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