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In preparation for joining Global iSpot and getting the new Species Surfer, we have been asked to nominate the best banner picture (picture #1 in an observation) for the representative picture in the surfer.

Iconic images for the Species Surfer:

(where there are no votes per group the most "I agreed" observation by reputation on 5 Jan 2014 is depicted - see this option.)

Please place your nomination and votes below.

You may nominate as many observations as you like;
You may vote for as many observations as you like (but only one vote per observation); You cannot withdraw a nomination or vote.

* Only nominations under the correct headings will be considered (use reply). Duplicate nominations will be deleted.
* A nomination is also a vote - no need to vote for your nomination.
* Only votes under the nominations will be considered. Duplicate votes will be deleted.
* In the event of the "most popular" dynamic display being accepted, it is important that you "I agree" to the observations that you like most - even if they are not nominated!

Leading contenders will be updated weekly until the competition closes, which may occur at any time, even without prior notice. Be alert, be on the lookout: have fun!

Please take into account what the pictures will look like in the thumbnail - square format with a 5-10% frame around a full image work best

What is the surfer?
see http://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/species-surfer
comments: http://ispot.org.za/forum/11447


Centipedes & Millipedes


All your favourite creepy crawlies with 6 legs


Spiders, Harvestmen, Mites, Scorpions and relatives


Woodlice, Shrimps, Crabs & Crayfish


including Seacucumbers, Brittlestars & Seaurchins


Snails, Slugs, Mussels, Chitons, Octopuses, Squid & Cuttlefish


Earthworms, Leeches, Flatworms, Ribbonworms, Nematodes Horsehairworms and relatives


Flowering plants, Gymnosperms, Ferns, Mosses & Seaweeds

the current default picture

the current default picture is the Centenary launch with a Silvertree. It should not take too much effort to get a nicer example.

To change it we need more than 18 I agrees (some of them higher reputation) - what about

or perhaps another? see http://ispot.org.za/species_dictionary/Leucadendron%20argenteum

To choose these just open your choice (click) and "i agree" (but only if you do I agree with the ID!)

perhaps we should rather go for the King:
I wont predicate: you choose and vote (open and click "I agree" to the ID - if you do!).

In any of the species summary pages, the number of agreements is listed, so that you can see what the tally is ...

But personally I prefer the Silvertree. It was after all what Linneaus first named the entire Protea Family after in 1753 - about 100 years after the colony at the Cape was started!
re: http://www.proteaatlas.org.za/silver.htm

To paraphrase Linneaus in his 1737 Hortus Cliffortianus:
"This tree the most shining and splendid of all plants."

More suggestions

Beyond agreeing once, is there more we can do to push a particular observation? Nominate it here, right? I very much like these two:



Sorry, this wont work. You may nominate one: not two per comment: otherwise people cannot vote for your nomination.
So please separate these two to separate posts (use reply to the PLANT level observation).

But that is only for the situation where a picture is chosen. If the highest agreed observation is chosen then only the "I agrees" will count.




That's us: and relatives!


Sharks and relatives & Bony Fish


Mushrooms, Toadstools, Puffballs, Moulds & Lichen


from Whiteyes to Ostriches

Clash of the giants

Goliath heron and Fish Eagle


Occasional Hungarian princess who believes: Indigenous plants have every aspect covered

WSNBG Kingfisher

With shrew prey


Occasional Hungarian princess who believes: Indigenous plants have every aspect covered


Scaly beasts


Frogs, Toads & Cecaelians


State what other group with your nomination!
* It must have more than 100 observations in the group!


I want the most popular image as determined by votes (ID and I-Agree, by the sum of reputation points) for each group.
This must be dynamic and change as the most popular observation changes.

If you want to change the most representative picture (without nominating above) then post it here to get others to "I Agree" to it.

It is anticipated though that nominations above will result in "I agrees" that will tend to make these observations most "popular" ...

My Vote!

My Vote!


Yes, here.

-- Beetledude


What about the possibility of "Interactions"

Why can we not also post "Interactions"

Occasional Hungarian princess who believes: Indigenous plants have every aspect covered


Interactions are not on the surfer: wrong tool! But why not?
A Picture for Interactions!

Post your nominations for the best single picture for interactions here!

The observation MUST
* be an interaction, or
* have the "Interaction:" comment linking two different observations.
- "Interactions" not posted do not qualify.

Nomination - Oxpecker and Giraffe

in which case I would like to nominate this as one... - the red-billed oxpecker inspecting the giraffe's nethers


Occasional Hungarian princess who believes: Indigenous plants have every aspect covered

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