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Welcome to our 1000th User!

A major milestone today Tuesday 03 July 2012 at 13h15 with BrianRing our 1000th User.

Welcome BrianRing!

This opportunity serves also to thank everyone for the fantastic performance over the last month: we have smashed almost all our previous records (see http://ispot.org.za/stats%20update) and continue to get superb and amazing observations from all over the country, the subcontinent and beyond!

Particularly interestingly, the past few months has seen been a major upsurge in interest in Fungi, and in particular, in Lichens. If you thought that these were just films on rocks, then think again: digital imagery has brought these moulds out of the closets and onto the pallet. Have you photographed one today?

But its not just fungi. At last the middle and eastern half of the country are waking up to the fun of iSpot and a team (in the iSpot sense) of keen, talented and knowledgeably observers is sending in great observations and beautiful images. Join them and become part of the iSpot experience!

Keep up the great work!


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Lots of changes on the board from the last summary! Welcome all.

Previous listing of top users: http://ispot.org.za/node/151638

19 000 Observations

19 000 observations

on Saturday 07 July 2012 at 12h40 with Teessider' observation of Unknown Bird, Audi Camp - identified as Dark-Capped Bulbul (Pycnonotus tricolor subsp. tricolor) at Old Matlapaneng Bridge, Ngamiland East.

Thanks everyone: now for the next big one 20 000! At this rate it should be soon. Please keep up the excellent work!

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