Observations in the Species: Kniphofia pauciflora

Synonyms also shown: Kniphofia pedicellata

Kniphofia pauciflora

K pauciflora2
By: Eric Harley
Botanical Society of South AfricaFriends of Tokai ParkIndigenous Bulb Association of South AfricaMountain Club of SA (Cape Town)Succulent Society of South Africa
Eric Harley's reputation in PlantsEric Harley's reputation in PlantsEric Harley's reputation in Plants
Location: 3, Elizabeth Cl
Observed on: 18th September 2013
Added to iSpot: 20th September 2013
Identifications: 1
Agreements: 3
Comments: 2
Description: Although a cultivated specimen, I have added this attractive small Kniphofia since there seem to be no images of this species yet on ispot and it is critically endangered, only one small population near Durban remaining (check - any recent info?).

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