Peter Timm Memorial Biodive

  • 1998 Peter Timm winter

Peter Timm’s life and achievements will be celebrated at Triton Dive Lodge this Saturday.

A memorial dive will be held in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park at Sodwana Bay (and beyond!) from 9 – 10am as part of a “Memorial Biodive” during which participants will take photos of marine life in honour of Peter’s contribution to conservation and marine research. A biodive is similar to a bioblitz where the aim is to document biodiversity by recording as many species at a location as possible. These and other marine life records (photographs) will be loaded onto iSpot as part of Peter’s legacy. His deeds serve as an inspiration to divers, scientists, conservationists and explorers alike.

ANYONE from ANYWHERE South Africa can take part, not only those diving in Sodwana, and we urge you to join us. If you can’t get to the sea this weekend you can take part by uploading underwater photographs from and dives over the last five years. Please submit your photos by midday on the 12th July.

How to participate:

1) Dive, snorkel or explore the rockpools, estuaries and tidal zone ANYWHERE in South Africa this Saturday the 5th July 2014 or find older photographs from your favourite dive site to submit.

2) If diving, take photos of as many marine species as you can. If using older photographs, please use images from a known location in South Africa taken over the last 5 years.

3) Upload your images to iSpot or email fish pictures to Rose ([email protected] ) and marine invertebrates to Kerry ([email protected]) along with information on where you photographed the species recorded. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information as well!

4) In the “descriptive tags” section, tag your observation with “Peter, SeaKeys”. This will link all observations to the “Memorial Biodive” as well as contributing to the SeaKeys projects in honor of Peter Timm.

We really look forward to your contributions!

Peter Timm had already contributed greatly to iSpot where his records are spectacular and a testament to his legacy. You can view his contributions here.

“In this, some might find me incautious, but exploration always has had an element of risk and in the end, we are all mortal and it is how we carry on our lives during this brief existence that makes all the difference as to who we really are. Rest assured that we take every step to make our projects as safe as possible but in the end, in the depths, it is between us and the deep blue sea.”

Peter loved and lived these words.

Latest Observations: Peter Timm Memorial Biodive

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