6000 Users on iSpot

Aedan_123 is our 6000th user to register on iSpot.
Welcome Aedan and all our other users who form part of the iSpot family.

Marion Maclean has just attained 10 000 social points on iSpot.
These are awarded for contributions to iSpot (observations, images, comments and forum items). She is the third person to reach this mark (only 9 users have over 5000 points). She runs several projects on iSpot of which her Montagu Moths and moths reared from caterpillars feature prominently.
With almost 5000 identifications posted and 12 000 agreements made, Marion's impact on iSpot has been phenomenal. She is also responsible for us having common names to the birds in the iSpot dictionary.
Thanks Marion: we salute you and your achievements!


Hooray for Marion

Congratulations, Marion, and please don't quit on us. You've become part of my life, and other iSpotters can certainly say the same.

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

-- Beetledude

Ooh-er, thanks ever so :-)

And you guys have definitely become part of my life too! Here's to sharing the joy - cheers!

Lekker, Marion!

On now, 6 000 iSpotters!
Our combined body mass is approaching 0.5 kiloton. If we all jump simultaneously...

Go Marion


Alex Dreyer

Also a big applause and a

Also a big applause and a even bigger thank you. Do not want to miss your input and humor here at iSpot!

120 000 observations see

120 000 observations see ispot.org.za/stats%20update

Observation 120 000 - Vacuum Cleaner Time by Sea Escapes on 04 May at 13h41 from Antons Cave- 2 Mile, Sodwana.

average 20 observations per user

Doesn't take much to be ahead of the average. Is there a distribution graph of number of contributors vs number of observations?

Peter Southwood
Reef surveys and equipment design.
Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG)


But I will generate it.

Look here: ispot.org.za/stats%20update in the meantime.

observations per user

Bird # 10 000

Our 10 000th Bird Observation


Juvenile Swallow observed by Colin Ralston

What a fantastic achievement: than you everyone!

Now for bird # 100 000!!

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