Kan'en Iwasaki00

Observed by Paul Venter
Botanical Society of South Africa
Paul Venter's reputation in Plants on 5th October 2012
Kan'en Iwasaki00

by Kan'en Iwasaki (1786-1842). Wood block print and manuscript on paper. Japan, 1828. Public domain

Location: Johannesburg
  • Papaver somniferum var paeoniflorum
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
  • likely ID 
    Black Poppy (Papaver somniferum var. paeoniflorum)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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I think it's some sort of

I think it's some sort of Peony.....

Why post this on iSpot Southern Africa?

I very much doubt that this plant grows in the middle of Egypt as mapped.
What is the location of this plant (presumably somewhere in Japan)?
Whose garden was this found in in Johannesburg in Egypt?

Why post this on iSpot Southern Africa?

I suggest that you post it in the correct locality if you hope to have a local expert (from Japan) help you with ID.

Did the open source not suggest an ID?

Is there a southern African connection?

I didn't map it in

I didn't map it in Egypt....

The options available didn't include Japan...

As I'm new to this rather hostile world I wasn't aware of the existence of a Japanese chapter....

No, the open source did not suggest an ID...

I wasn't aware that submissions were limited to Southern Africa or any other political boundaries...

It must be trying for someone as experienced as you and with so many badges to politely guide newcomers, but I think you should make the effort.....

Map work

Click on "edit" tab.
Click on Open Map
type in Japan and click Go
Navigate to correct place by zooming in and out and moving around and when you find the place, click to place your marker.
SAVe your record.

Egypt it is!

Maybe you did not map it in Egypt but that is where it is.

Use MySPot > Map to see where your observations have been plotted.
If one is suspicious, click on its flag, open it, and follow instructions above.

obviously not going to be

obviously not going to be fixed:
moved to southern hemisphere

Non southern African

There is no restriction on any locality, but of course most of our experts are from southern Africa.
We do have quite a lot of observations from East Africa and several from India, but this is our first Japanese record.
Hope you get an ID!

"I should make an effort"

I do make the effort. You will just have to get used to my acerbic nature. My apologies but that is how I come across. You will find I am not that bad if you ignore the sarcasm and concentrate on the intent.
But ignore me: there are lots of really helpful and nice people on iSpot that make putting up with my being a right pain quite worthwhile!

Any progress with the MCSA badge?

Welcome to ...

this not at all hostile world.

Tony is fondly know by us as the i-atollah of iSpot. He's like a housewife when it comes to keeping ispot clean so don't mess on the Persian rugs. ;-) I cant even remember all the times I've been crapped out for some insignificant (I thought) misdemeanor. He doesnt like curved balls and this was one of note. You see it cant fit into a slot like an organism. BUT he keeps it all together and that's what counts.

Hope you don't turn tail and run.

Blue flower

Blue flower

Thanks Riaan, It was on the Kew site that I first found the image with no ID, and then I placed it on the Iwasaki Tsunemasa article on Wikipedia (still with no ID)

Leaf a dichot. No sepals:

Leaf a dichot. No sepals: probably Poppy Family

Meconopsis or relative?

There is a whole series of

There is a whole series of similar ones, most of which appear to be poppies.

Unfortunately, I cannot pin a name to it.
It is quite frustrating, almost every page from the book is named, except this one: see http://www.magnoliabox.com/artist/19594/Kanen_Iwasaki



Ranunculales : Papaveraceae


Ranunculales : Papaveraceae

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