Using iSpot to showcase observations from bioblitz events

A 'bioblitz' event aims to identify as many species as possible at a particular site and date. If you'd like to use iSpot to get help with identifications, and to showcase what species you've found at your event, there is any easy way to do so.

Ask your bioblitz participants to add their observations to iSpot, making sure that in the section "General tagging" they use the relevant bioblitz tag. These need to be in the form: "bioblitz-[location+date]"

For example:

  • bioblitz-bristol2010
  • bioblitz-cambridge2010

Any tags that are in the above format will be listed on the iSpot bioblitz page, from where you will be able to click on the tag for your event and see all the observations that are linked to it - here is an example from the Isle of Wight 2010 bioblitz.

The page that displays these observations has its own web address (URL) that you can use to pass on to your participants and partners after the event to show what has been found.

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