New Forum: Tips to Rearing Larvae

A new forum - Tips to rearing larvae - seems to have really gotten some people excited!

There appears to be a budding community interested in finding caterpillars, maggots and larvae and rearing them to adults. All the while documenting the instars and plotting their progress on iSpot.

If you would like to join or contribute, you will need some boxes (ice cream containers or jars work well, and keen eye for larvae (or or -top prize - adults laying eggs), some food plants, and some advice. This forum is about the advice.
Need tips?
Have a problem?
Your caterpillars not feeding properly?
A 'pillar wondering aimlessly?
Then this is the spot for you.

Tips to rearing larvae

Remember to tag any rearing observations with : "Reared from larval stage"

Latest observations:

or see here:

Other useful tags (you can use more than one: separate them with a comma):
* Eggs (for when you start (or end!))
* Juvenile/larvae (for those that dont make it)
* Pupae (for almost there)

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