How can I check how many on my list are loaded so far, ideally (in my dreams) with a single click?

I'm having a lot of fun walking around and loading things up, but is there anything else I should be doing as Kogelberg Person?

Species lists are coming soon

Species lists are coming soon (in the new year) (I hope).

Until then it depends on what question you are asking.

To restrict the list to Kogelberg you will need to use Observations > Map of Observations. You can then restrict the list by Family, or Group, or Genus or Observer or combinations of these.
But these will tell you the observations not the species.
This species list search is high on our wish list!

Anything else to do?

* Have you got each genus?
* Have you got the rare species?
* Have you got the threatened Red List species?
* Have you got all the specials?
* Are the worst aliens on?

* Have you covered most areas of the map?
* Is there anyone else who you can get to help you in the area?
* Get Amida on!

* Have you got species with stories?
* Have you got species with social aspects (history, medicine, uses)?

* Is there a group nearly ready for a key (most species in area on)?
* Are there enough feature pics to illustrate the key?

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