• The Great Moth Caterpillar-hunt Challenge

    The Great Moth Caterpillar-hunt Challenge
    Hermann & Doug VS Rest of South Africa

    You are invited to participate in the greatest South African Lepidoptera challenge ever.

    Great Prizes to be won.

    Contribute to the upcoming Moths of South Africa- a field guide book.
    Explore the wonderful world of Moths and their caterpillars.
    Perhaps discover something new to science.

    more at http://ispot.org.za/node/177725

  • 40 000 Observations

    We have hit 40 000 Observations on Thursday 03 January 2013 at 13h16 with caspervanzyl's observation of Intensely Red Aloe - Entabeni Forest at Entabeni Forest.

    Thank you everyone for helping achieve this milestone.

  • Observation of the year 2012

    Observation of the year 2012

    It's the silly season and time to start reflecting on 2012!

    What do you think has been the best observation of 2012? Vote at: http://ispot.org.za/node/173529

  • 22 000 Plant Records!

    We have reached 22 000 plant records!

    OUR 20 000 PLANT RECORD:
    http://ispot.org.za/node/169798 @ 18h53 on 14 November with Romulea hantamensis in On top of the Hantam, Calvinia by Alan Horstmann

    Approaching 22 000 Plant records ...

  • Invasive Wasp Alert

    • Invasive Wasp Alert.jpg
    • The European Paper Wasp Brochure.jpg
    • Wanted European Paper Wasp

    I am a ‘wasp-student’ doing a survey of invasive wasps in s Africa.

    Would it be possible to please put the brochure on Ispot? (click below, to see it full size) It has my contact details on it, but alternatively observations on Ispot will be great.

    Ideally, I am looking for dead samples of the wasps, but photos are also fine as long as it is possible to positively ID the wasps from them.

  • Bioblitz 2012

    • advert_ispot_BBCOR_Page_1.jpg
    • Silverglen NR bioblitz invite.jpg
    • Table mountain area bioblitz invite.jpg

    Bioblitz 2012




    Bill Barnes Crane Reserve 1 December


    Done for season



    Bioblitz 2012

    SANBI has received funding from the Department of Science and Technology to conduct a series of exciting iSpot ‘Bioblitzes’ across the country during the spring/summer of 2012.

  • iSpot Dictionary Edition 2

    The iSpot dictionary is now updated and tested.

    Three significant additions will affect us:

    * It now includes Fungi. While this is a great step forward, it is not the final list by far. No synonyms are distinguished and it is just the names recorded in southern Africa to date. An especial thanks to Marlandza and David Minter, for providing links and lists. There are several national groups looking at this and we hope to have the current names and synonyms sorted as an official list of Fungi within a few years.

  • 20 000 observations

    20 000 Observations

    on Wednesday 18 July 2012 at 15h39 with Marion Maclean's observation of Teloschistes lichen - Montagu WCape at Ruigtevlei SK, Montagu.

    Well Done. Thanks everyone for achieving this milestone. Just 49 days since hitting 15 000 records! Lets go from strength to strength.

    Summary status at 17h00:

    Total number of determinations: 24 273
    Total number of agreements: 29 605
    Total number of images: 40 557

  • 1000 Users

    Welcome to our 1000th User!

    A major milestone today Tuesday 03 July 2012 at 13h15 with BrianRing our 1000th User.

    Welcome BrianRing!

    This opportunity serves also to thank everyone for the fantastic performance over the last month: we have smashed almost all our previous records (see http://ispot.org.za/stats%20update) and continue to get superb and amazing observations from all over the country, the subcontinent and beyond!

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