FAQ: What should I make observations of?

Nature! The ordinary world of nature around you is probably the best place to start. It doesn't have to be rare, or unusual, or difficult to identify. We're more interested in wild nature than cultivated plants or farmed animals. So, for instance, we're not so interested in the roses in your garden or nearby park, but we are interested in the greenfly and ladybirds on them.

iSpot is currently aimed at use in the UK and Ireland. We have no objection to observations being posted from other parts of the world, but it may not be possible to give a helpful response to questions over identification outside our main area. (International versions of iSpot may be developed at a later stage.)

For more ideas about what to spot, try the Group pages (links on the front page), which give you an overview of a group of living things, tips on observing, and links to useful resources to help you identify them.

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