How do I use the "Changes" section of My Spot?

If you go to the Changes section of My Spot there are some useful tools for checking on all the observations that you have been involved with, but the Changes page can look a bit daunting at first glance! Here are some suggestions for making best use of this part of iSpot.

When you first go to the Changes page, the first thing to do is click on "RESULTS FILTER", to open up a list showing five tick boxes. This allows you to choose the observations to check up on - for instance, you could look just for the observations that you have added, or for any that you have commented on. You can tick as many of the boxes as you wish (iSpot will remember which you've ticked, so you don't need to do this again unless you wish to change your choice). Make sure you click on the "Apply" button each time you change your choice of tick boxes.

Having done that, you can click again on "RESULTS FILTER" to close up that list, and then try out the other three options on the page:

  • Comments added by others
  • Identifications added by others
  • Identifications that have been agreed with by others

For example, to see what comments and identifications have been added by other people to the observations that you have made, go to the RESULTS FILTER and tick the box for "Observations authored by you", and then click on "Comments added by others", and then "Identifications added by others".

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