Neighbourhood Nature students - what should I do if there is no OU badge against my name?

If you are a registered student on the OU's Neighbourhood Nature course (S159) you will need to sign in to iSpot using your Open University user name (OUCU).

[If you already have a user name on iSpot and then start the Neighbourhood Nature course later, you may wish to link your original user name to your new OUCU - if so click here for how to do that.]

Once you are signed in with your OUCU, you should see a Neighbourhood Nature 'badge' (in the form of the Open University shield) appearing against your name each time you use the site.

If the badge does not appear immediately, don't be alarmed - it can take some time between you registering your OUCU on iSpot and the links being made to the Neighbourhood Nature course registration. Any observations that you post will still be counted towards the course, even if the badge is not showing.

If the badge hasn't appeared within about two weeks of your registering your OUCU on iSpot, try clicking on "Log out" and then logging back in using your OUCU.

If the badge is still missing after that, please contact us.

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