Keys in Plants:

Keys in Plants:

Users working out species and subspecies often leaves notes on iSpot. This is a short list of some of the more useful ones.

There are not many online electronic keys to our flora, but some are listed below this

The following short keys to subspecies or sets can be found on iSpot -


* Acrolophia (Orchidaceae) on Peninsula

* Asparagus on Peninsula

* Arctopus (Asteraceae)

* Corymbium on Peninsula

* Erica section Geissostegia

* Harveya (Orobancaceae) on the Peninsula

* Lamiaceae on the Peninsula

* Pelargonium (Geraniaceae) on the Peninsula

* Penaea

* Pines - Invasive in Cape Flora

* Searsia (Rhus; Anacardiaceae) groups

* Struthiola (Thymaeleaceae) on the Peninsula

* Villarsia

* Watsonia (Iridaceae) on the Peninsula

* Welwitschia subspecies


Cotyledon orbiculata


For alien keys and guides please see


The following electronic keys are available from either the Botanical Society or the Bolus Herbarium:

* Cliffortia
* Erica
* Restionaceae

Online Keys:

* Helichrysum key:
* Relhania key:
(includes: Antithrixia, Arrowsmithia, Comborhiza, Leysera, Macowania, Nestlera, Oedera, Oreolysera, Relhania, Rhynchopsidium & Rosenia)

Bayesian keys:

please see -

If you would like to develop a key to a group that you are interested in - tell us below


Cynanchum - Apocynaceae

Nice page to Cynanchum species is at:

See for lead in ...

Restio key

The Restio key is available online here:

You need to download the delta INTKEY program to run it on your computer, but there is a link for the download on this page (and it's free)

Great! Thanks for this! its

Great! Thanks for this!
its working!

Yes, Thanks

Yes, Thanks


thanks: added

thanks: added

Peninsula pelargoniums

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ta: added


'strewth it's

Struthiola (for those searching for the full word)

Location of keys

Howcome are these keys not listed under the "Keys" tab at the top of the iSpot homepage? There are only links to UK keys there as far as I can see...


Because those are Bayes electronic keys.
And it is two years since I last looked at it.


Genus keys

Illustrated key to the genera of Haemodoraceae

Illustrated key to the subfamilies and genera of Malvaceae
(including Sterculiaceae, Tiliaceae & Bombacaceae)

Erepsia/Spoonfig Key


This is a Bayesian Key, so:


Tip for keys:

Tip for keys:

To always get the latest version please use

instead of

if you leave out the version numbers you will always get the latest version!!

Dichrostachys cinerea

Key to the two subspecies (one of which contains three vars.) in S.A.

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